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Posts from April 2015

  • Apr 17, 2015

    Helping Birds: Participate in Lights Out New York Join New York State in its efforts to cut down on light pollution that can disrupt and disorient bird's during migration. Find information on Audubon…more

  • Apr 13, 2015

    Active Adventure Each year, the state of New York releases over one million pounds of fish into more than 1,200 bodies of water across the state. That's good fishing. The 563-mile Finger Lakes…more

  • Apr 10, 2015

    Where to go Birding: Visit a Watchable Wildlife site (see a full list of wildlife viewing sites ), walk interpretive trails, stop at a visitor's center, attend a nature workshop, or find information…more

  • Apr 09, 2015

    Getting Started in Birding There are many places to find information about how and where to go birding and to learn more about birds. But first: be a responsible birder! Bird watching is so exciting,…more

  • Apr 09, 2015

    Where do I find all PTH Weekend events on this site? All approved events will be displayed on www.iloveny.com/paththroughhistoryweekend Will all events taking place on the PTH Weekend be cited on…more

  • Apr 09, 2015

    Apps and links to find, identify, and report birds: Audubon New York's Online Guide to North American Birds Breeding Bird Atlas for Google Earth Breeding Season Table Cornell Lab of Ornithology…more

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