Kid Museums in New York State

New York State enhances children in an interactive manner that involves parents as well through out these museums across all regions of the state.  From Long Island regions to the state's capital of Albany, there is enlightenment of historical and scientific artifacts that call for a memorable family trip.

Below is a list of suggestions for family museums throughout New York State:

Cradle of Aviation Museum: Garden City, New York

The Cradle of Aviation Museum celebrates the heritage of Long Island's great history in American aviation through its exhibits of actual historic aircraft.  From hot air balloons to Long Island's first flight in 1909, to planes built by Northrop Grumman, exhibits teach visitors about the Island's significant role in the evolution of the different ways that aviation machines take us in to the sky.  In addition to a world-class collection of aircraft, the museum boasts an IMAX Dome Theater showing films daily on Long Island's only giant IMAX screen. The museum also features the Red Planet Cafe, a Mars-themed eatery that is open daily setting the tone for a perfect family trip.

Long Island Children's Museum: Garden City, New York

Take the kids for to the Long Island Children's Museum for a few hours of entertainment or even a full day. With 14 fabulously themed galleries and a 145-seat theater, you and the kids have a wide range of fun activities. Children will love exploring the two-story ClimbIt© structure with ramps going up and down in a spiral pattern. They can create giant bubbles in the Bubble Gallery, make "rain" in the outdoor Our Backyard gallery, play musical instruments, learn about Long Island and much more.

Hudson River Maritime Museum: Kingston, New York

The Hudson River Maritime Museum is the only Museum in New York state that focuses exclusively on the fascinating maritime history of the Hudson River. There are both outdoors and indoors exhibits to tour at the Museum from watercrafts to artifacts and artwork. The Hudson River Maritime Museum includes 385 feet of bulkhead on Rondout Creek, a 100 year old shad boat, a lighthouse tender, a steamboat's life boat and several ice yachts are included in the Museum's small craft collection. These vessels and a variety of other ship artifacts are displayed in the East Gallery of the Museum, formerly a working boat shop.  Whether you are interested in maritime history or just into museums, you and your family will love touring this landmark of the historic Hudson River.

Mid Hudson Children's Museum: Poughkeepsie, New York

In enlightening children's minds through a fun and creative learning environment, the Mid Hudson Children's Museum is a practical choice for families who push for the importance of children's education. All exhibits are hands-on, including a play-space model of the human heart, a Hudson River tides water table and models of Leonardo da Vinci's machine. Hands-on experiences spark curiosity, discovery and the joy of exploration for children leaving an unrivaled fun-filled day of learning.

Children's Museum at Saratoga: Saratoga Springs, New York

Tour the ‘Spa City' through a child's eye at the Children's Museum at Saratoga where positive opportunities for learning in an interactive setting enlighten children of all ages. Learn about science, history, community living and the arts by exploring the museum's hands-on exhibits. The museum also offers membership, special events, educational workshops and birthday party packages.

Children's Museum of Science and Technology: Troy, New York

The Children's Museum of Science and Technology (CMOST) is the only science center in the Tech Valley designed specifically for kids and parents to Explore, Discover, and Imagine the world of science together. CMOST enhances children with daily events such as ‘veggie science' or ‘bridge the challenge' for kids to participate in, in the form of science and technology as children gain hands-on experience in a creative matter.  

New York State Museum: Albany, New York

The New York State Museum is designed for all ages and families to explore international and national exhibits entailing both historical and scientific material.  Events for children are done regularly including storybook reading relating to museum specimens, arts and crafts with landfill material, and preschool tours guided by the museum's staff through out the museum. 

World Awareness Children's Museum: Glen Falls, New York

The World Awareness Children's Museum offers families and children the opportunity to experience cultures from all over the world by trying on costumes, playing musical instruments and engaging in pretend play with authentic artifacts. The Museum's collection includes over 3,000 international artifacts and 6,000 pieces of international children's art from over 65 countries.

Strong National Museum of Play: Rochester, New York

Let your children play the roles that entertain them daily on television at Strong National Museum of Play, a world devoted solely to play! The museum blends the best features of both history museums and children's museums which makes it appropriates for parents and children.  Kids are indulged with entertainment at the museum with the National Toy Hall of Fame, an indoor butterfly garden, a 1918 working carousel, and a circulating library.

Niagara's Wax Museum of History: Niagara Falls, New York

A museum located just across the way of the Niagara Falls USA State Park is more of the reason to visit Niagara's Wax Museum of History.  Exhibits enhance your knowledge of the history of the great falls and its surroundings including the amount of people who survived going over the falls such as Ann Taylor, the first person to ever go over the falls. The enriched history of Native Americans, the French and the British are also featured in this museum offering a historic base for the nation as well as Niagara Falls.