A Presentation to the Tourism Advisory Council
  December 9, 2013

Building on the momentum

  • Enhanced communications strategy
  • Building alignment
  • Extending visibility
  • Building on the infrastructure

The marketing agenda

  • Change the perceptions of NY to the state of choice for ambitious companies
  • Position Start Up NY as a bold, breakthrough program.
  • Drive information-seeking behavior.
  • Acquire and manage leads that can generate 10,000 jobs/year.


  • Super Bowl Host Committee Role
  • Super Bowl Week Calendar
  • NY Super Bowl Week Events Map
  • Super Bowl Boulevard Overview
    • Host Committee Presence
    • Blocks 35-36 Map
  • Huddle Shuttle – Mobile Tour
  • SBHC Social Media Communications Center
  • Super Bowl Week Collateral
  • Regional Décor
  • Legacy Efforts
  • Volunteer Deployment
  • Key Messages You Can Help Reinforce

Environmental Update

  • In New York City we have partnered with the New York Restoration Project a non-profit and MILLION TREES NYC, a Bloomberg initiative
  • E Waste events upcoming in NYC and NJ
  • The NFL and Verizon have committed funding, staffing, and communication support to the tree plantings and E waste efforts in both states