From high-tech super -roller coasters to family parks by the lake to old-time classic rides, the many flavors of speed and daredevil fun are here for discerning thrill seekers and kids of all ages. 

Connoisseurs of amusement park rides will want to visit the Hudson Valley's Rye Playland. The park opened in 1928 and has been declared a National Historic Landmark for its old-time carousel, derby racer, and the Dragon Coaster, its famed wooden roller coaster. 

At Darien Lake, near Buffalo and Rochester, dangle your legs in the air as you drop and roll at nearly 50 miles an hour through the Mind Eraser, a steel inverted roller coaster. Also close to Rochester, Seabreeze is another place to really grip the restraint bars. Enjoy more than 70 attractions by the shores of Lake Ontario. The park's most well known ride is the Jack Rabbit, operating since 1920 and on the record books as the fourth oldest roller coaster on the planet.

If the weather's really hot, stay cool as you zip down a water park slide. If you're heading to Lake George, get soaked at Splashwater Kingdom. Frolic in a gigantic pool with ocean-sized waves or drop 7.5 stories into the Tornado's 132-foot water funnel. Also in the Adirondacks, Enchanted Forest Water Safari lets you choose your level of splash, from lazy tube rides to the 280-foot slide Killermanjaro. A short drive from New York City will get you to Zoom Flume Water Park nestled in the forest of Western New York featuring the Black Vortex, where you rush down in total darkness. 

These are just a sample of the many fun and thrills that go so well together in the state of New York. To get your heart thumping faster, visit for a complete list of amusement parks.