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Posts from March 2019

A glassblower shaping glass at the Corning Museum of Glass

Amazing things are made in New York State, from craft beverages to award-winning chocolate, brilliant art, and popular TV shows—now you can see how they come to life. We’ve compiled a list of tours and demonstrations that shed light on some of New York’s cherished creations. Tour factories, distilleries, and kitchens, watch live glass molded right before your eyes, and go behind the scenes on the sets of your favorite TV shows. We’re lifting the curtains, so come see where the magic happens!

Yuzus Dream featuring Akim Funk Buddha

Welcome back, spring! Now that warmer weather is here (more or less), it’s time to take advantage of it and hit some events! Savor all the things you missed over the winter, from fresh flowers to trout fishing to farm visits and more. Read on for memory-making events, festivals, and celebrations, as well as Easter bunny encounters and 24 hours straight of musical performance, to welcome in springtime in New York!

Aquarium of Niagara

For many of you, spring break is just around the corner! But we know that you’re busy and don’t have time to plan the perfect New York getaway—so we did the hard work for you! These trip ideas are quick, easy, and filled with fun activities to please the whole family. We’ve rounded up kid-friendly lodgings and activities to help you make the most of the warmer weather and free time. Don’t sit out spring break, go find some adventure! Or relaxation. You’ve got options.

When Anthony Met Stanton statue. Photograph by Ethan LaCroix

From July 19–20, 1848, a group of 300 women and 42 men came together in Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls for the first-ever women's rights convention in the U.S. They began laying the groundwork for what would lead to women's suffrage in New York in 1917, three years before the nation followed. Today, the Wesleyan Chapel stands at the corner of Fall and Mynderse Streets, anchoring a charming strip in a Finger Lakes town that makes for a perfect weekend getaway.

St Patricks Day Parade- Photo by Joe Buglewicz

You don't have to get on a flight to Dublin to feel Irish in the middle of March, and New York State is a fantastic place to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. In fact, NYC’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade is the largest and oldest in the world, started in 1762. But what if you want to feel like you’re in Ireland all year long? Well then, New York State is also a great place for that, as many Irish immigrants have settled in the state over the last 400 years. More than 2 million current New York State residents have reported Irish ancestry. From Irish food to immigrant history to cozy wool sweaters, read on to see where in New York State you can get your craic on. May the road rise up to meet you on your travels!

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site - Photo by NPS-Bill Urbin

March is Women's History Month, but just as history is larger than a single month, so too are the people that inspire female empowerment. From Eleanor Roosevelt's human rights work at the United Nations to Lucille Ball's industry firsts, here are seven facts you probably didn't know about iconic women in historyand the places in New York that celebrate their feats.