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Posts from April 2017

Villa Roma Resort & Conference Center - Photo Courtesy of Villa Roma Resort & Conference Center

Make your summer family vacation fun and filled with new things to do--without breaking the bank. New York is chock full of summer vacation destinations from the Adirondack Peaks to the vineyard studded Finger Lake shores. So whether you're planning a family vacation or weekend getaway for two, look here for your next budget-friendly summer vacation.

Niagara Falls State Park

Just because you’re traveling with the whole pack this summer doesn’t mean you’re stuck with kiddie rides and petting zoos (though New York has some great ones). There are plenty of family-friendly spots around New York State that will keep a big smile on kids’ faces while offering parents some grown-up fun. From beach vacations and camping to inns and resorts, here is your guide to traveling with your kids and still having a ton of fun.

Things to do in April

April is finally here, and that means spring is in full swing! Celebrate the return of sunshine, maple syrup and flowers with these fun activities across New York State.

Botanical Gardens photo by Amanda Lonergan

Spring Flower Exhibit