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Posts from May 2017

Bicyclists cruising across the walkway over the Hudson River

Grab your two-wheeler! The weather is just right for some al fresco cycling in New York State. Whether you're looking for serious thrills or tricycle-friendly rolls, you'll find the perfect pathway in New York State. Here are some of the best spots to get started on your next bike adventure. (And don't forget your helmet.)

Long Island Lighthouse - montauk lighthouse winter - Photo by Long Island Convention

Every summer, vacationers relax along Long Island’s sandy beaches, traversing its South Shore all the way down to “the end,” or as we know it, all the way to Montauk. Explore its historic lighthouse, kayak its ocean swells, bask in the taste of its vineyards, and you’ll understand why more people fall in love with this hamlet each year. Here’s your guide to 48 hours in Montauk.