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Posts from November 2013

wonderful life

No holiday is complete without watching Frank Capra's classic It's a Wonderful Life, set in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, N.Y. Did you know Bedford Falls was inspired by Seneca Falls, a small town in the heart of New York's Finger Lakes, about an hour east of Rochester. Called The Real Bedford Falls by its townspeople, Seneca Falls is one of the most festive towns in America during the holiday season with its annual It's a Wonderful Life in Seneca Falls celebration, now in its 67th year.


"Buffalo is the best planned city in the United States, if not in the world."
Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of Central Park and father of American landscape architecture

With a mix of geography and urban planning, Buffalo is one of the best-designed cities in the United States. Defined by the natural beauty of water and park systems, organized in a series of connecting radial streets and home to some of the finest architecture and neighborhoods in the nation, Buffalo is a destination worth visiting.