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Author: Eric Scheffel
A group of people walking along the snow in front of Bristol Mountain ski resort in the evening. Purple lights are reflected on the snow, large pine trees and glowing lights can be seen from inside the glass walls of the resort.

Ski season is getting underway! Whether you're a city dweller or a nature lover, beginner or pro, New York State has a ski area perfect for you. In addition to challenging high peaks, scenic trails,

A child in a pink helmet is taught to ski at Greek Peak Mountain Resort
Credit: @fingerlakestourism on Instagram

Skiing is a great outdoor family activity that provides winter fun and excitement for every age group and skill level. In New York State, it’s easy to find plenty of ski areas that make winter getaways easy, fun, and carefree for the whole family.

Ellicottville Fall Festival

Experience the exhilaration of autumn in New York State this October with great happenings from delighting in colorful seasonal festivals to indulging in exquisite culinary pleasures, and embarking on

A woman in a striped sweater and cowboy hat walks under a jack o'lantern archway at Blaze: Long Island
Credit: @sahquart on Instagram

By land, sea, and air, New York State bids farewell to summer and hello to autumn with a festive lineup of events celebrating the harvest, foliage, and so much more!

A view down a railroad track with an Amtrak train coming towards the camera with green, red, and yellow trees on either side on a sunny day with a few clouds in the sky

There are many great ways to view New York State’s amazing fall foliage, including by car, boat, hot air balloon - and train! Here are some ways to see and access the best of the state’s fall colors from New York City to Niagara Falls by rail. You can also combine your rail trips with hiking and biking adventures to get even better views of the leaves. All aboard! 

Travers Stakes At Saratoga Race Course

Get ready for an eventful month – August in New York State is jam-packed with an abundance of varied and exciting activities, including celebrations of music, food, art, comedy, and more. You’ll enjoy

A colorful hot air balloon soars over a waterway at the Great Wellsville Balloon Rally

July heats up in New York State with an amazing variety of food, music, and regional celebrations for everyone. Head to the Adirondacks for cycling and crafts,

A wine glass stands on a wooden table with a green lawn and tents in the background at the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival

The first month of summer brings an amazing variety of cultural, historic, sporting, and foodie events to New York State. Join in Pride celebrations statewide,

The red, white, and blue underbellies of the US Air Force Thunderbirds flying overhead at the Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach
Credit: @joegallart on Instagram

Get ready as New York State blooms in May with a colorful array of special things to do for foodies, birders, motorcyclists, music lovers, and more! Get a taste of the

A black a white huskie puppy with a blue bandana stands in a field of bright orange tulips at the Waterdrinker Family Farm & Garden Tulip Festival
Credit: @afoxandherdood on Instagram

New York State welcomes the first full month of spring with an exciting roster of diverse and fun activities for all. Enjoy all things LEGO®, savor pure maple