While New York City is a foodie’s mecca, there is much more to be seen - and tasted - outside of the confines of the concrete jungle. From Albany to Plattsburgh to Syracuse, you’ll find top notch eats all across New York State.

Anchor Bar Wings Anchor Bar 

Buffalo is a finger-lickin’ paradise. From beef-on-weck sandwiches to the town’s beloved Buffalo wings to just about everything else hot-sauce-and-buttered, bring your bib and prepare your bellies for some spicy, smokin’ hot goodness. Be sure to stop by the Anchor Bar where the Buffalo Wing was reportedly invented just over fifty years ago. While Buffalo certainly knows its Wings, the city is by no means limited to these tangy treats. With widely revered restaurants throughout, ranging from Bocce Club Pizza to Allen Street Hardware Cafe, Buffalo is bustling with great dishes of all kinds. Your best bet is to head to downtown with an empty stomach and wide eyes!

The Handshake City has a wide variety of unique foods, making it one of New York’s hottest foodie destinations. With tomato pies, greens, half moons and chicken riggies, there is an endless supply of flavor--and Italian food-- across the city. Make sure to check out some of TripAdvisor’s top rated restaurants in the area, like the Tailor and the Cook or Trattoria Calabria, which got a resounding five stars on Yelp. Give Dan, the Trattoria’s owner, a warm hello, and he will walk you through the restaurant's most popular dishes.

Ever heard of a spiedie? If your answer is no, it’s time to plan a trip to Binghamton. If your answer is yes, it is still time to plan a trip here. A spiedie consists of specially marinated skewered meat laid out on a fresh roll. If that doesn’t have your mouth watering, there are also wonderful Asian and Italian restaurants throughout town, according to Chowhound. Some must-visit spots include Lost Dog Cafe, which was rated Binghamton’s best on TripAdvisor, along with Michalangelo’s Pizzeria which is both “wonderful and delicious.”

Pork - Dino BBQ Dinosaur Bar-B-Que 

Syracuse is home to the original Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which was rated as America’s best barbeque by Good Morning America. Try some of their famous honky-tonk ribs, and take some of their special barbeque sauce home with you to spice of your life. The Syracuse Food Tour is a must-do for the adventurous foodie, with delicious and unique tours throughout the town daily. Spend three hours walking around Downtown Syracuse with a guide to take you into the hottest restaurants and show you some cultural and historic landmarks as well.

Garbage Plate - Nick Tahou's Nick Tahou Hots, Inc

No one wants to eat garbage, but a garbage plate--now that’s a different story. Rochester is famous for this layered stack of goodness, which consists of a meat choice (a hot dog or hamburger, maybe), covered with home fries, hot sauce, a little macaroni salad and anything else mouthwatering you can think of. Nick Tahou Hots, Inc is famous for them! Aside from the beloved garbage plate, Rochester is home to a melting pot of cultures and, of course, that means a smorgasbord of dishes. With Italian, Polish, Ukrainian and European influences, there’s a restaurant for everyone’s taste buds. Check out the trendier parts of the city such as Park Avenue or Monroe Avenue to get a true taste of the unique array of foods.

Bistro Plate Anthony's Restaurant and Bistro

There’s hot dogs, then there’s Michigan dogs--and some of the best Michigan dogs (a treat that originated in Detroit) can be found right here in New York. These meat-sauce-, cheese- and onion-covered dogs are a satisfyingly salty meal, and Serious Eats calls Plattsburgh’s Michigan dogs “one of the most fascinating hot dog varieties.” Not a hot dog fan? Plattsburgh still has you covered. The town is home to an eclectic mixture of restaurants including great bistros, roadhouses and wine bars. Anthony’s Restaurant and Bistro is one of the top ranked restaurants in Plattsburgh according to TripAdvisor.

With the Finger Lakes nearby, many of Ithaca’s fabulous restaurants are sourced with delicious locally made wine and produce for fresh, “wow”-inducing dishes. Try Moosewood or the Ithaca Ale House. Both known as some of the best spots around town according to New York Upstate. Along the edge of Cayuga Lake is the Ithaca Farmers’ Market, where you can shop 150 growers, craftspeople and food artisans selling everything from local organic produce to international delicacies. Head to West State Street for hip, trendy restaurants and bar-going, with many local cocktails infused with fresh and local ingredients.

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