All winter long, I Love New York's museum coupon has been helping visitors explore New York State's cultural treasures at a discount. If you haven't downloaded the coupon yet, it's time to get moving! It's only valid through March 31. Below you can check out photos of some of the state's cultural giants, which were shot by Instagram stars during off hours, giving you a unique glimpse of these iconic spots without the crowds.

The Strong Museum of Play, Rochester 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 

The Museum of Modern Art, New York 


mornings with @iloveny spent at @themuseumofmodernart. #nysculture

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Spent this morning with @iloveny at @themuseumofmodernart where we had special access to the upcoming exhibitions before the museum opened to the public and wow was that amazing for an art-lover like me ?? But curiously I wasn't able to get any shots on the exhibit floor that I was *really* wild about. And then, as I was leaving to go to my next appointment I was struck by this light off the main lobby, close to the outdoor garden. It's not often I post dramatically lighted photos but the curious thing about that is I actually really LOVE a great spot of light with some drama and intersecting lines. Call it one of my passion projects. And since, during our tour, I was talking with @dondregreen about how I often don't post the photos I love the best...I'm posting this. Speaking of, he currently has a gorgeous portrait up with some dramatic light. #NYSCulture

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The 9/11 Memorial & Museum, New York 


Proctors Theatre, Schenectady 


Today, @dante.vincent & I went behind the scenes on a private tour with @iloveny at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady, NY. Danté grew up in this part of the state so it was fun for me to visit a place he once went as a child and since I love history + architecture it was fascinating to see how this landmark theatre, built in the mid-1920's, is still functioning today. The shining gold leaf on so much of the ceilings, the intricate carvings, the brocade panels on the luxurious. So different from our everyday lives now. I often forget how much there is to do and see outside the city, in the rest of New York State, it was nice to be reminded. Check out for more info and to plan your own trip. #NYSCulture #sp

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If you follow me on Snapchat (?? kirsten.alana), you saw a pretty in-depth tour of everything @dante.vincent & I experienced at Proctors yesterday. I had a lot of fun with it! But as a former theater geek, a brief phase when I was young -- for me the most fun part of the tour with @iloveny was getting to stand on the stage and look out at the soaring space before me trying to imagine what it's like to make your career a series of moments played out before a full house. A moment Danté captured and shared on his feed. I can't sing or act well enough to have wished I'd stuck with either, and feel any regrets, instead it was fun to stand there and recall my childhood dreams for just a minute. We talk about NYC so much as the place where dreams are made.....but I think dreams can come true anywhere if we're willing to do the work. #NYSculture #sp

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Cradle of Aviation, Garden City 


cradle of aviation. • #nysculture

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Corning Museum of Glass, Corning 


Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo 


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