This year, I LOVE NY is thrilled to welcome exciting new additions to our dedicated team of spotters for the Fall Foliage Report. Meet the “Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peepers” who will be reporting expected changes in fall color from across New York State throughout the season. Follow along on the I LOVE NY Instagram (and their personal accounts!) as they share their most mesmerizing fall color shots and the best areas to find New York State’s spectacular autumn leaves! 

Feroz (NYC)

Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper Feroz standing in front of a mountain with fall foliage

Why Feroz wants to be a Peeper: I am interested in becoming a leaf peeper because in recent years, when I have been going on road trips in the Catskills and Adirondacks to see the fall foliage, I always check the foliage report at I like to be involved in helping people find helpful information. I also enjoy the fall colors around my neighborhood in Queens, NY.

Follow: @bonafide_trini

Zachary (NYC)

Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper Zachary jumping to pose or a photo in front of Fire Island Lighthouse

Why Zachary wants to be a Peeper: Fall is my favorite season, and there’s no place to celebrate more than here in New York State. The foliage beckons me to visit outside my home upstate and check out the beauty of Mother Nature.

Follow: @zacbaber

Jeaniene (Hudson Valley)

Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper Jeaniene taking a selfie outside

Why Jeaniene wants to be a Peeper: Because I love noticing the beauty of nature. I have an eye for detail and will notice each day’s progression of change in foliage. I have lived here all my life and appreciate the beauty of fall. I take comfort in the beauty of nature and would love to help others to enjoy it as well.

Follow: @j9_durso

Leah (Long Island)

A selfie photo of Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper Leah

Why Leah wants to be a Peeper: I absolutely love the outdoors and fall is my favorite season. Right now, I’m more grateful for the chance to be outside than ever before. Oh...and I’m a runner!

Follow: @Leahbia21

Michelle (NYC)

A selfie of Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper Michelle in Central Park

Why Michelle wants to be a Peeper: I love NY and I want to share my passion with others, especially in these times when my overseas network can’t be here. I want to help keep inspiring people to visit.

Follow: @Marketingimagin

Bill (Hudson Valley)

A photo of Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper Bill with his camera outside in Village of Cold Spring

Why Bill wants to be a Peeper: Love the area, and I’m always promoting it. I live in Cold Spring, I drive the area daily and from my backyard, I can see Breakneck Ridge, Storm King Mountain, down to West Point.

Follow: @Cold_Spring_My_Backyard

Megan (Capital-Saratoga)

Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper, Megan, standing with her camera in front of a gorge in Ithaca

Why Megan wants to be a Peeper: I just moved back to upstate New York after being in DC for three years. Nothing compares to the colors up here and I am just so excited to be back.

Follow: @nutmeg910

Kathy (Adirondacks)

A photo of Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper Kathy with her dog

Why Kathy wants to be a Peeper: I love our region! It will force me to take note of my surroundings. I'd love to share our area with visitors!

Follow: @Loveisinnewyork

Katharine (Finger Lakes)

A selfie of Katharine with Taughannock Falls in the background

Why Katharine wants to be a Peeper: I am a Girl Scout Leader and an avid outdoors person. I am always looking for new ways to get outside and enjoy the beauty around me. This way I can do this alone, with my children, and/or with my scouts.

Follow: @katharinenola

Heather (Catskills)

Official I LOVE NY Leaf Peeper, Heather, taking a selfie outdoors

Why Heather wants to be a Peeper: I love the great outdoors and I love taking photographs. I hike and document New York State’s natural beauty anyway so why not?

Follow: @catskillshalia

Lynn (Thousand Islands-Seaway)

Official I LOVE NY, Lynn, taking a selfie in the outdoors

Why Lynn wants to be a Peeper: I'm looking out for the first signs of fall anyway! Looking at the fall color is my favorite part of the year.

Follow: @lynngodek

Montana (Capital-Saratoga)

Montana posing with a flannel scarf

Why Montana wants to be a Peeper: I just graduated college and returned home to Albany for the first time in five years. I love this region and in the fall it's more beautiful than ever. Helping share this beauty with others would be an honor.

Follow: @montana.stone and @upstate_wildlife

Michael (Long Island)

Leaf Peeper Michael posing on a rock for a photo

Why Michael wants to be a Peeper: Good pictures, and I get to contribute with you some more. 

Follow: @PantuscoPhotography

Brandon (NYC)

Leaf Peeper Brandon crouching down to take a photo with a bridge in the background

Why Brandon wants to be a Peeper: Because it’s my favorite time of year to photograph! Can’t wait!

Follow: @Brandonblattner

Ann Marie (Long Island)

Why Ann Marie wants to be a Peeper: I've always looked forward to leaf peeper reports and have seen some spectacular color around the state based on these reports. I'd love to return the favor to other New Yorkers and share the beauty of Long Island.

Follow: @amindatwerk