To help you find your perfect New York summer escape, we rounded up some of the state's top destinations to face off against each other in the style of March Madnes, and this week we're down to the final two! Visit I Love New York on Twitter to vote for your favorite--and come back to the I Love New York Blog later this week to see which attraction takes it all! Click here to see all of the Round 1 match-ups, click here to check out Round 2head here for Round 3 and check out Round 4 here.

Final Round! Central Park vs. Lake Placid Central Park

WINNER: Central Park
Central Park is the most frequently visited urban park in the United States with 42 million visits each year to its 843 acres of sheer beauty. The park is home to ballfields and playgrounds, statues, a mature conservancy, monuments, bridges, ponds and woodlands. You’ll find endless activities and sights to explore.

Village of Lake Placid

Lake Placid 
Fed by a network of springs and mountain  streams, Lake Placid is one of the cleanest freshwater lakes in the world. In the summer, it’s a fantastic destination for boating, water skiing, swimming and more. Set up camp at one of several local campgrounds, and be sure to explore the nearby village of Lake Placid, which hosted the winter Olympics twice. You can take a bobsled ride here year round!