New York might be a state of mind, but New York is also a place where you can always find a new perspective. We think one of the best ways to change your view on things is to see it all from the air. Elevation does wonders for the mind and spirit, and New York looks amazing from up high. Just imagine how far you want to see, how fast you want to go, and how high you want to climb. Here are some possibilities.     

Tour the Thousand Islands by Helicopter

HelicopterTake in the splendor of every island in the Thousand Islands region all at once—the mansions, the bridges, the castles, the shimmering St. Lawrence River—in the cabin of a Robinson R44 Raven or Bell 206 Long Ranger. Then, tell everyone you know how gorgeous the Thousand Islands are when you see them from the cabin of a chopper.

SkyRider Zipline Tour at Hunter Mountain

Fly through the air at 50 miles per hour dangling from a nylon cord on a cable stretched 600 feet off the ground. Or take it lower, slower, easier. Hunter Mountain has four miles of zipline for people at all skill levels. It’s the longest, highest zipline canopy tour in all of North America.  

Mount Marcy

Mount MarcyThis is as high as New York gets. Mount Marcy, the highest peak in the Adirondacks, rises to 5,343 feet above sea level. It’s not exactly an easy climb, but hikers come from far and wide for the scenery and the views. On a nice day, you can see all the way to Montreal. One high we should highlight: Lake Tear of the Clouds on Mount Marcy’s southwest slope. It’s the highest lake in the state of New York, and the highest source of the Hudson River.

Biplane Rides in Rhinebeck

Strap on a helmet and a pair of oversize goggles and experience the thrill of flying around the Hudson Valley in an open cockpit. Board a newly restored 1929 New Standard D-25 biplane out of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodome and see the rivers and mountains spread out below in a tranquil tapestry. And ask the pilot to loop-the-loop, why not? Flights are booked on a first come / first served basis every Saturday and Sunday from June through October. Prearranged weekday rides and gift certificates are also available. 

Hot Air Balloon Rides 

Hot Air Ballon

This is old school. Experience humanity’s first form of altitude adjustment in locations throughout the state. Just pick what you’d like to see from the air! The Hudson Valley? You can do that. Letchworth State Park’s “Grand Canyon of the East?”Sure. Niagara Falls? That can be arranged. Wherever you wind up, a ride propelled by nothing but the wind is guaranteed to change your perspective.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building If you’re anywhere near New York City, you can’t miss seeing the Empire State Building. But it’s easy to forget you can zoom to the top of it for a mind-bending view of the Manhattan grid, the expansive boroughs, and well beyond. Sure, it was built in 1931, but the Empire State Building is still the fourth tallest skyscraper in the United States, it’s still incredibly cool and iconic, and, as far as we’re concerned, its classic vantage from the 86th floor is just unparalleled.   


Enjoy the views, and don’t keep them all to yourself—share what you spy up high with #ispyny!