There are April showers, May flowers…but June is all about enjoying that gorgeous sunshine and flawless weather. Spend every possible second outside this month at these awesomely diverse events across New York State.

Rev Your Engines

Everybody - rev those engines! Be apart of the largest multi-brand motorcycle touring rally this month! Head to the Americade Motorcycle Touring Rally in the Adirondacks for rides, tours, demonstrations and more. It’s sure to be an adventure!

Adore cars? Who doesn’t. The Antique Auto Show on Long Island on June 7 is an event not to be missed! See cars from every era and meet other car enthusiasts alike!

Destroyer Escorts battled the Nazis during World War II. Now, you have a very special chance to explore one of these battleships – talk about a walk through history! June 20 is Destroyer Escort Day at USS SLATER in Albany. Best part? It’s totally free.


Gay, straight, transgender, man, woman, short, tall – celebrate pride all across the state of New York this month.

The Binghamton Zoo is celebrating 140 years (not to say the animals are that old – but still exciting nonetheless)! Join the celebration on Saturday, June 20 to watch the animals receive new toys and foods in celebration. There will also be totally awesome animal woodcarving demonstrations!

Explore and celebrate your roots. Wander Ellis Island for the day! Spend a few hours at the Peopling of America Center at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration – it was reopened May 20 for the first time since 1954! It’s a beacon of New York – and American history – that you must see.

Work Your Body

Give your body some love! The Annual Woods Walk & Trail Run in the Chautauqua-Allegheny region is the perfect event to get in shape and make life-long friends in the process. Not to mention you’ll soak in some gorgeous scenery!

This competition blows bikini season out of the water. Watch some of the strongest people around compete in a charity event created to connect the civilian and military community. The Strongest Warrior Competition is June 6 in the Thousand Islands-Seaway region. No need to hit the gym – there are plenty of fun activities besides the strength competitions to engage in! We’re talking face painting, balloon art, food (our favorite) and more!

Relax and recharge…but most importantly, re-pour. Head to the Adirondack Wine and Food Festival in Lake George the weekend of June 27! Taste buds need a vacation, too, ya know.

And those are just some of the amazing events in New York State in June. Head to for more great Empire State happenings!

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