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Event Submission Criteria

Want to have your event listed on I Love New York? Check the criteria below before submitting.

First, search our event listings to see if your event is already included. If the event is already listed, it's easy to request access to update your information.

Any Tourism Event to be considered for inclusion must currently serve more than their local market, drawing visitors from outside a 50 mile radius of the site on a regular basis, and encouraging overnight stays in the area.  

Tourism Events are defined as:

  • A site/location that visitors can access and expect to have a safe, fun, interesting, and/or educational experience.  

  • Must be legally operated according to NYS tax, health and local city codes, laws and regulations. 

  • The event should be able to draw visitors on its own merit from outside of a 50 mile radius of its location (exclusion applied for 50 mile radius for NYC properties). 

  • Should encourage 25% of attendees to obtain an overnight stay in the vicinity - the event should not be geared mainly towards local residents.

  • The duration of an event should not be greater than one year in length, but may occur in consecutive years - ie. "A Festival", 2nd and 3rd weekend of October, 2014-2019 is acceptable, but "A Dinner Theater", weekends, 2014-2019 is not.

  • Excluded from our events listings:  local sidewalk, local retail, outlet, village store and mall sales; local dinners, fundraisers bake sales and events geared towards a community, booster, political clubs, or charity organization; individual gallery art showings or art sales; individual book signings; individual museum exhibits; individual talks/lectures; individual classes; performances, food/drink specials, happy hours at local clubs, hotels, restaurants, individual shops and lounges/bars; tastings and lessons at individual businesses; trade shows/conferences, award ceremonies and benefit dinners, workshops/panel discussions, individual events within an already listed event.

  • Included in our events listings:  Series of talks/educational sessions/walks/tours - located at one prominent facility throughout the year.  Village wide and downtown sales and open house events; beverage trail events that occur at multiple locations in a region; multiple shows, activities, tours that occur at one central location;

  • 50% of an event must meet the category(s) selected, up to 2 categories can be requested.   (Example: an October, Show/Expo for Home goods may have Food & Drink vendors and a garden show exhibit - the two selected categories should be Show/Expo and Fall as they each would represent the best 50% relevancy to the event.  Most shows offer food vendors and the garden show would not be the main feature of the event.

  • TOP Events - events that consistently draw extremely large numbers of visitors to the area for overnight stays and is recommended to be featured on by the local county Tourism Promotion Agent;

  • NYS Division of Tourism has the right to deny any event they deem inappropriate.

Event Categories:

Shows, Expos & Sales

Types: Air shows; arts/crafts; collecting; general; home; military; sportsman - hunting/fishing; antiques; auctions; shopping; animals; birds; canine; and equestrian.


Types: Historical; lecture series; ethnic; literary arts; performing arts; cultural; and local history.

Food & Drink/AgriTourism

Types: Cooking; farm visits; breweries; cider & apples; farm markets; local food & drink; maple products; spirits and wineries.


Types: Walks; tours; water related races and activities; non-domestic animal viewings; and gardens.

Fairs/Festivals & Annual Events

Types: Arts & crafts; county/state; fairs/festivals; film; music; renaissance; holidays; parades and religious.


Types: Occurs during the Fall timeframe of 9/5 to 11/20.


Types: Occurs during the winter timeframe of 11/21 to 3/20.


Types: Occurs during the spring/summer timeframe of 3/21 - 9/4.


Types: Events geared and promoted to draw visitors from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities.

Sports & Gaming

Types: Auto/motorcycle; bicycling; boats; fishing&hunting; rodeos; runs&walks.


Types: Driving; trains; walking; and other.


If your event meets our criteria, click here to submit.

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