Family Style Winter Getaway at the Bavarian Manor

Bavarian Manor Country Inn
Categories: Family Fun, Winter

The Bavarian Manor Country Inn and Restaurant is a perfect place to stay while recovering from the cold winds of the mountaintop. Located 20 minutes away, it is a short drive from the Hotel to the slopes. When you're atop the mountain, you can see well into the valley below you. By staying here, you can experience that same valley in a much more personal manner. Nestled in the lower range of the Great Northern Catskills, you'll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the beautiful winter atmosphere that comes with the Winter season. The rooms have a certain relaxing charm to them, making you feel right at home no matter how far away from your bed you are. We have plenty of fireplaces in our building, meaning that there are plenty of areas to warm your frozen toes and relax with your friends and family, while meeting others who love the season just as much as you do. Our award-winning restaurant is ready to serve you some of the greatest dishes in Greene County! You'll find interesting specials, such as our selection of Schnitzels and Wursts that you may have trouble finding elsewhere. Go from frozen to flushed at our in-house bar, where you'll be served by our expert bartenders. The mountain might be cold, but you can be