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“Domino Effect” Art Installation

  • Dates: January 30, 2024 - March 6, 2024
  • Location: Fosun Plaza in Lower Manhattan in front of 28 Liberty Street
  • Address: 28 Liberty Street, Manhattan, NY 10005
  • Price: Free
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Photo credit: Jason DeCrow, Associated Press 

“Domino Effect,” the Downtown Alliance’s newest public art installation, is here to inject a little whimsy into midwinter’s slow, frigid crawl. The piece will be on display at Fosun Plaza in front of 28 Liberty St. starting January 29, gifting workers, visitors, residents and various passersby with a dazzling domino-themed light-and-music show.

Presented in partnership with Quartier des Spectacles International, “Domino Effect” was created by Montreal-based design studio Ingrid Ingrid. The interactive installation consists of 120 giant dominos distributed across 12 tables in Fosun Plaza. Each domino has a color and a sound all its own, inviting visitors to collaborate on creating an orchestra of sound and light. Every set features a different instrument profile (vocals, percussion, marimba, balafon or flute), and each domino has its own sound.