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1741: Bach's Goldberg Variations


Some works of music are simply so great that they become something more than music. Bach’s “Goldberg Variations,” composed near the end of his life, consists of an aria and 30 unbroken variations. Lasting over an hour, the work is an immersive experience during which the listener journeys through time and space, emerging at its conclusion changed and enlightened. Jeffrey Kahane, one of a handful of true masters of this monumental opus, offers his incomparable performance as well as a deeply fascinating exploration of the variations.
This performance begins with remarks on the piece by pianist Jeffrey Kahane, with excerpts performed by the Calidore String Quartet.

Bach Aria with Diverse Variations for Keyboard, BWV 988, "Goldberg Variations" (1741)

Alice Tully Hall
  • 1941 Broadway
  • Manhattan, NY 10023