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1926: Berg's Lyric Suite


When the Viennese creator of the controversial opera Wozzeck turned his hand to the string quartet, no one knew what to expect. That Arnold Schoenberg’s famous student would compose an intricate and powerful work was assumed, but the quartet’s unprecedented intrigues would only surface in 1977 when the work’s hidden musical and numerical codes, and a vocal part, revealed Berg’s secret love affair with a married woman. Mozart’s bracing Adagio and Fugue, and Grieg’s storm-driven String Quartet, round out a delightfully turbulent program.

Mozart Adagio and Fugue in C minor for String Quartet, K. 546 (1788)
Berg Lyric Suite for String Quartet with Soprano (1925-26)
Grieg Quartet in G minor for Strings, Op. 27 (1877-78)

Alice Tully Hall
  • 1941 Broadway
  • Manhattan, NY 10023