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23Arts @ The Orpheum: Shilpa Ray with Crossing the C's

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  • Shilpa Ray
    Screaming’ Jay Hawkins meets Blondie meets Ella Fitzgerald meets Patti Smith in the music of Shilpa Ray, one of the most exciting and original artists in rock today. Hailed by Pitchfork for her “voice that shapeshifts constantly between howl and coo, between boozy irony and acid rebuke,” Ray comes to Tannersville with her band fresh off the success of her latest release, the highly acclaimed Door Girl.
    “captures New York nightlife in all its sordid, sweaty chaos and supplies caustic commentary on life in the unfeeling city.” - NPR on Shilpa Ray’s Door Girl

    Crossing the C’s
    The incredible expressive capabilities of the guitar will be on full display as Cape Town guitarist Derek Gripper explores the music of Africa and South America alongside Chilean guitarist Camila Meza, who will offer up her astonishing and genre-bending original works. This debut double guitar collaboration featuring Cape Town, South Africa-born guitar virtuoso Derek Gripper and the is a must-see exploration and interweaving of two worlds of folk and popular music across continents and cultures.

Orpheum Film and Performing Arts Center
  • 6050 Main Street
  • Tannersville, NY 12485