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60th Annual Allegany Nature Pilgrimage

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  • Held annually in Allegany State Park, the Nature Pilgrimage invites you to learn from nature enthusiasts who are eager to explore the forests, fields, lakes and streams; to share knowledge; to embrace learning; to celebrate this incredible planet and to soak up the salve that nature is to the soul. Evenings you might attend a presentation under the big tent in the company of hundreds of pilgrims. Other times of the day - from early morning to late at night, you choose from dozens of small-group programs. You might sit and talk, or take a hike. Some programs are designed to last an hour and a half. There are also field trips that last four hours. Nature topics include trees, flowers, ferns, insects, birds, salamanders, reptiles, tracks and signs, mammals, geology, astronomy, ecology, and more. You might also find a class in yoga, paper-making, photography, sketching, nature games and more! Reservations for lodging at Allegany State Park can be made now. Book your cabins or campsites starting today. 

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