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Aerospace Scavenger Hunt


Embark on an Aerospace Quest at the Cradle of Aviation Museum—an exciting new dimension of exploration awaits you! Experience the museum like never before through an engaging adventure designed to educate and entertain. The Aerospace Quest offers a unique blend of learning and enjoyment as you traverse our secure, spacious, and air-conditioned venue. Dive into the experience with three distinct Aerospace Quests tailored for various age groups: Beginner Quest: Perfect for those just starting their journey into aerospace history. Intermediate Quest: An engaging challenge for those seeking a deeper dive into aviation and space. Advanced Quest: Designed for seasoned enthusiasts, this quest promises an immersive exploration into the most intricate aspects of air and space. To ensure your successful quest, we've got you covered with answer keys for the Intermediate and Advanced Quests. Our team of knowledgeable and amiable docents will be your companions throughout the galleries, readily available to assist you in your quest. Discover the Cradle of Aviation Museum in an entirely new light as you embark on a whirlwind tour spanning over a century of awe-inspiring air and space history.

Admission: Museum & Planetarium Combo Adults $25, Child/Senior $23  Museum Galleries Only Adults $18, Child/Senior $16  Planetarium Shows Adults $12, Child/Senior $11

Cradle of Aviation
  • Charles Lindbergh Boulevard
  • Garden City, NY 11530