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View the 2024 eclipse in a pasture with alpacas! Lazy Acre Alpacas hosts their Alpacalispe, where each person will get a cup of food to feed the alpacas and a pair of eclipse glasses. The gate will open at 1:30 pm and close at 4:45 pm. The eclipse is scheduled to start at 2:07, enter totality at 3:20, and end at 4:30. You should bring you own chair or blanket. Dress for the weather. There will be a beverage truck and a lunch cart or you can bring in your own food and drinks- what you bring in you take out. No refunds if cloudy or raining or weather related situations beyond Lazy Acre's control.

Lazy Acre Alpacas
  • 8830 Baker Road
  • Bloomfield, NY 14469