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Bellefield Garden Talk: Bee and Pollinator Ecology on The Hudson


The speaker will delve into the lives of bees, pollinators, and the plants that sustain them. A brief overview of forage history will be provided to contextualize the evolving flora of the Hudson Valley. Several native bee species, reliant on specific plants for survival and nesting, will be highlighted. Drawing from the existing flora in the Beatrix Farrand Garden, the speaker will explore the nutritional advantages of these plants for pollinators. Additionally, recommendations will be offered for visitors to incorporate similar plantings into their own gardens. Chris Layman is a Cornell Master Beekeeper and educator serving New York State's upper Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain region. He keeps and manages 35 bee yards and stewards other properties to serve native bees and pollinators. Chris currently teaches bee ecology at Olana State Historic Site, Greene Land Trust, Catskill Center, Catskill Mountain Keeper, Dutchess Land Conservancy and Woodstock Land Conservancy. The Beatrix Farrand Garden at the Bellefield Mansion is on the property of the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site. Follow signs to the garden enclosed by hemlock hedges and stone walls. Registration is encouraged

Beatrix Farrand Garden at Bellefield
  • 4097 Albany Post Road
  • Hyde Park, NY 12538