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Beneath Fortress Walls


Over 250 years ago, French soldiers dug, chiseled, and blasted their way into the very rock of the Ticonderoga peninsula to create a fortress to defend New France. Since the first construction began in the fall of 1755, Fort Ticonderoga has endured war, neglect, and reconstruction to achieve its current state. Learn the history of the building and re-building of Fort Ticonderoga on a guided tour around the fortifications with Curator Dr. Matthew Keagle. Explore around, on top, and inside of the fort to find out Ticonderoga’s secrets, including areas off limits to the public. This tour involves stairs and moderate walking around Fort Ticonderoga.  Advance reservations required.

Fort Ticonderoga
  • 102 Fort Ti Road
  • Ticonderoga, NY 12883