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Blackout Day in Sunset Bay


Blackout Day in Sunset Bay USA: A Celestial Celebration on the Shore! Embark on a cosmic journey with us at Sunset Bay Beach Club and Cabana Sam's Sunset Bay Grill as we celebrate the celestial dance of the sun and moon! Immerse yourself in the magic of a once-in-a-lifetime solar spectacular right on the beach, boasting unparalleled, unobstructed views of the eclipse against the backdrop of the waves. Elevate your experience with our exclusive eclipse packages, offering VIP beach seating and themed party favors. As the celestial dance unfolds, sip on our specially crafted drink specials, from moonlit martinis to sunburst sangrias, designed to tantalize your taste buds throughout the day. Worried about convenience during the eclipse? Fear not! Sunset Bay ensures your comfort with conveniently located restrooms, concession options and chairs. Eclipse glasses are included in all packages, allowing you to gaze safely at the cosmic wonders while reveling in the beachside atmosphere. Your front-row seat to the eclipse and a day of celestial indulgence await at Sunset Bay—the ultimate destination for this extraordinary celestial event!

Accessible Features:

  • Accessible parking area on-site.
  • Accesible path via cement sidewalk into the building and onto the patio which is the viewing area.
  • Wheelchair accessible bathrooms on the premises for this event and/or at the viewing location.

Cabana Sam's Sunset Bay Grill
  • 1028 South Shore Dr.
  • Irving, NY 14081