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Brink of Time by Deanna Weinholtz


We all have special places and times that bring us happiness and peace as we reminisce. Our minds retain fragments of special memories. Whether it’s catching a sunset right at the perfect moment before the sun descends beyond the horizon. Or watching the ocean waves repeatedly roll onto shore, while waiting to finally capture the perfect crest with your camera. Or, walking through a forest full of glorious fall leaves, just as they have hit peak color. These memories are what captivate me as an artist, bringing back the emotions I felt in these impactful moments. We seldom experience these moments again and if we do, they are never exactly the same, each one is unique. This exhibition is about capturing those perfect moments and the joyful emotions that accompany them, bringing them to life every time one of my pieces is enjoyed. Meet our Arcangel Gallery artist and Botanical Gardens Art Educator, Deanna Weinholtz! Deanna Weinholtz is a watermedia artist from Western New York who is best known for her luminous landscapes and seascapes in watercolor and acrylics. Her creations have won national and regional awards and have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and galleries. A graduate of State University College at Buffalo with a degree in design, Deanna is a working professional fine artist. She shares her knowledge and love of painting through teaching and demos online, as well as in classroom.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens
  • 2655 South Park Avenue
  • Buffalo, NY 14218