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Bugs & Bats

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  • Bugs and Bats have a bad reputation but did you know they are helpful more than harmful? Learn about the critters and creatures that do most of their duties in the dark. Meet at the Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. Bugs: Learn about moths and the trick to identifying them. Hike the trains to a location that will have a black-light set up in order to attract and learn about the moths. The primary objective of this educational nature program is the show the stunning diversity of moths in the area, inform people about them and help promote the conservation of moths. To learn more about the bugs hike: email Wyatt J. Bats: Explore the world of the bats in their natural habitat. More details to come on this part of the event. To learn more about the bat program: email Justin Z.

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge
  • 1101 Casey Rd
  • Basom, NY 14013