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Carlos do Carmo

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  • It is a historic night for fado music when Portugal's most famed artists, Carlos do Carmo and Celeste Rodrigues, perform together for the first time in New York City. Carlos do Carmo, a living legend for this iconic Portuguese tradition, celebrates more than fifty years as the leading male voice of fado. An incomparable master of song, do Carmo's vocal mastery exemplifies the longing, unrequited love, solitude, and optimistic hope for the future that defines fado. Fado's other living treasure, Celeste Rodrigues, 93-year old younger sister of legend Amalia, embodies fado's saudade. She joins Carlos do Carmo for an unforgettable and historic evening. Presented by The Town Hall and Live Sound part of Fado Festival New York.

The Town Hall
  • 123 W. 43rd St.
  • Manhattan, NY 10036