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Celebrating Chocolate Week


Immerse yourself in the history of chocolate! Join us for a delicious weekend at GCV&M! Sample both sweet and savory recipes and explore historical uses of chocolate around the Historic Village. As you make your way around the Historic Village, explore the uses of chocolate (some may surprise you!) in the 19th century. And don’t forget to visit the D.B. Munger Confectionery in the Historic Village to shop historical sweets and treats made right here at GCV&M, plus find a variety of American Heritage® Chocolate products. American Heritage® Chocolate is an authentic historic line of products by Mars Chocolate North America and has been developed from chocolate recipes of the 1750s. Learn more: https://www.gcv.org/event/celebrating-chocolate-weekend/

Genesee Country Village & Museum
  • 1410 Flint Hill Road
  • Mumford, NY 14511-0310