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Colonial Crossroads – A Concert!


Discover the vibrant intersection of African and European music in Colonial New York! Colonial Crossroads is a fun and family-friendly musical presentation by Carla & Keyes that brings to life the vibrant intersection of European and African musical traditions during Colonial New York. This program explores the historical significance of the Dutch holiday of Pinkster. This was a festive time that encouraged the fusion of European and African musical styles and instruments, and laid the foundation for blues, jazz, and rock and roll. Colonial Crossroads features the rich sounds of banjos, mandolins, guitars, recorders, and percussion instruments, and demonstrates their evolution, such as gourd-made banjos from Africa, later influenced by African, American, and European styles. This presentation also illustrates the storytelling prowess of the griot, a key figure in African culture who not only recounted village tales but also masterfully accompanied themselves on instruments. It includes an interactive lesson on the African tradition of “Call and Response". Presentations/Performances ongoing between 11 AM and 3PM. Program FREE and Family-Friendly!

Fort Montgomery State Historic Site
  • 690 Rte 9W
  • Fort Montgomery, NY 10922