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Community Day at Innisfree Garden Includes Early Morning Light, Curator's Tour and More


Celebrate the peak of spring in the Hudson Valley this holiday weekend with family and friends at Innisfree. Come for the sunrise, stay for the day. It is magical! Innisfree Garden is a powerful icon of mid-20th-century design; it is recognized as one of the world’s 10 best gardens and is listed at the highest level — exceptional national significance — on the National Register of Historic Places. Innisfree's Spring Community Day schedule: • Early Morning Light: Innisfree opens at 4:30 am for those intrepid souls who are willing to get up early (or stay up very late) to experience the sun's golden light dramatically flooding the garden. As the morning mist clears, spring greens will be doubled in reflections on the lake. Best. Date. Ever! Equally great as a solo adventure or one with family and friends. Come early with your camera, easel, or birding binoculars. Bring a picnic breakfast or lunch. Grab a novel and stay all day! Japanese primroses, yellow foxgloves, and peonies should be in bloom. • Curator's Tour: At 10:30 a.m., join Innisfree's Landscape Curator, Kate Kerin, for a 1.5-hour guided tour through the garden, learning about the people and ideas that shaped this living landmark. • Swimming Dragon Qigong for Longevity and Vitality: At 3 p.m., Cris Caivano hosts this session. Qigong’s Swimming Dragon exercise is reputed to be the best way to promote health, longevity, and youthful vitality. (The legacy holder who taught the form to Cris’s teacher was 106 years old!).

Innisfree Garden
  • 362 Tyrrel Rd.
  • Millbrook, NY 12545