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David Maydole: An "Adz" Eye for Innovation - Exhibit Opening & Loomis Barn - Open House


The Chenango County Historical Society (CCHS) is proud to announce an all-new exhibit opening at 3:30 pm on June 19. “David Maydole: An ‘Adz’ Eye for Innovation” will celebrate the remarkable legacy of an Oxford blacksmith whose hammer redesign changed toolboxes forever. Maydole’s adz-eye hammer, with the wooden handle fitting into the hammer’s blade, was much safer than previous versions of the tool. Having resolved the worry of a hammer head “flying off the handle,” Maydole became the largest hammer manufacturer in the United States. Even after his death in 1892, the Maydole Hammer Factory continued to innovate with a variety of new product lines - including ice skates! - until its closing in 1961. The afternoon also features an open house in the Loomis Barn on the CCHS campus. Home of the Marshman Agriculture Education Center, the Loomis Barn honors the enduring agricultural heritage of Chenango County from the Civil War era through the present.