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Delicate Cuts: Untamed Beauty | Arcangel Gallery Exhibit


Delicate Cuts: Untamed Beauty celebrates the visual poetry of nature through the medium of paper cut art. The crisp edges and flowing curves of vines, petals, feathers and more, transform a blank sheet of paper into a work that honors the complex patterns found in our living world. Intricate scenes set across layers of paper allow light to peek through, bringing to light the untamed beauty of nature. Meet our Arcangel Gallery artist, Kiyomi Millar! Kiyomi Millar is a papercut and papercraft artist based in Lewiston, NY. Paper manipulation is the main focus of her work, whether through kirigami, origami, or traditional paper-cutting techniques. She draws inspiration from her art through her deep love of nature.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens
  • 2655 South Park Avenue
  • Buffalo, NY 14218