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Dr. Zsa’s Powdered Zydeco Band


Dr. Zsa’s Powdered Zydeco Band performs classic Zydeco music, as well as cajun, swamp pop, blues and Americana infused with New Orleans-inspired grooves. The band features top NYC musicians with a diversity of influences who bring a love of the Louisiana Creole and Cajun tradition to the music. The band melds in their own musical interpretations and arrangements, along with a raw energy and good-time vibe, and the results are heard in their distinctive style. Dr. Zsa’s Powdered Zydeco Band has been performing in the Northeast since 2013 at venues including NYC’s Bryant Park, Bo’s Kitchen, and the Jalopy Theater. The band has been a featured act at the Brooklyn n’ Bayou festival several times. In 2016, the band travelled to Abu Dhabi to perform at an Air Force base Mardi Gras celebration. When the band takes the stage, there is sure to be a party going on!