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Drawing in Still Life with Oksana Danziger


Program Description Unlock the artist within you with our Drawing in Still Life class, a foundational journey into the timeless art of capturing everyday objects on paper. Whether you're a novice seeking to build essential drawing skills or someone looking to refresh and refine their abilities, this class offers a welcoming space for all skill levels. We'll commence the class with an exploration of realism in drawing, understanding the principles of light, shadow, form, and perspective. Through engaging discussions and visual references, participants will gain insights into the techniques that bring drawings to life. Discover the art of composition as we delve into the process of setting up and arranging captivating still life scenes. Learn how to select objects, consider lighting, and create visually interesting arrangements that challenge and inspire your artistic expression. Participants will be guided through fundamental drawing techniques, including line, shading, and proportion. Emphasis will be placed on observational skills, allowing artists to capture the intricacies of the still life subjects with precision. Join us for an enriching and fulfilling experience in Drawing in Still Life, where every stroke brings you closer to unlocking the expressive potential within the ordinary.

Art Guild of Port Washington, Inc.
  • 200 Port Washington Boulevard
  • Manhasset, NY 11030