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Eye and Mind: The Shin Collection


Eye & Mind The Shin Collection March 18 – July 9, 2023 It is astounding to think that a private collection of masterworks as wide-ranging and important as these could be assembled by a 32-year-old connoisseur, but Hong Gyu Shin is an internationally recognized figure in the global art world. He shares his treasures with us, including works by Whistler, Lautrec, Boucher, Daumier, Delacroix, Balthus, de Kooning, Matta, Pollock, Gorky and many other important names from art history provocatively juxtaposed with the painting and sculpture of our own time from both Asia and the West.

Exhibition Tour- 2 pm Tuesdays- Sundays

Mansion Tour- 1 pm Saturdays

Family Tour- 1 pm Sundays

Oscar Wilde Lecture- 3 pm Sunday, June 18 (one day only)