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Fest of Thrones


FEST OF THRONES A Medieval Fantasy Weekender. September 27-29 at The Blackthorne Resort, East Durham,  NY Witness Live Armored Combat by the Knights of History Channels TV Show KNIGHT FIGHT. See Medieval Weapons Forged by Contestants from History Channels FORGED IN FIRE. Watch Dungeon Duels take place in the Square Ring. Shop Vendors, Eat Food and Drink Meade while Live bands rock all day and late into the evening along with a Burlesque show or two. Yes it's Fun Fun Fun for all ages at FEST OF THRONES where all are welcome! Be they Knight, Viking, Vandal or Troll, Orc, Hobbit, Wizard, Witch, Fairy or Elf, None shall be turned away. Only $20 per person for the entire weekend, Kids under 12 Free!

Blackthorne Resort
  • 348 Sunside Rd
  • East Durham, NY 12423