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Festival of Flakes Weekend


On Saturday March 6, 2021 these trails will be the site of the IditaFAT which is consistently one of the biggest winter fat bike events in the USA. The IditaFAT offers distances of 12k or 25k “ish” or 50k "ish” depending on conditions. On Sunday March 7, 2021 these trails will be the site of the SnoFatShu. The SnoFatShu is named after the relatively unknown monster of Japanese mythology. The SnoFatShu consists of a snowshoe leg of approximately 5km, arriving back to the transition area to send the partner racer out with the fatty for 10-20 KM of fat trail heaven. Distance will depend on snow conditions. Once back, the snowshoe runner will head out for the final 5K lap. Team or solo, it is your choice. We also have a 5k run and walk the day of the SnoFatShu. The course is a milder version of the Stone Wall 5K, relatively flat and fast, depending on conditions of course. Walkers are encouraged. We also have a fat bike race going on and the course is designed with everyone in mind! The course will be between a 10-20k depending on the conditions. New York State has implemented restrictions on travelers from several US states. Guidance on these requirements can be found here: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory To register for ItditaFAT and SnoFatShu, please visit us at: https://www.bikereg.com/winona-forest-iditafat-bike-race

Winona State Forest Recreation Area
  • 37 Center Rd
  • Lacona, NY 13083