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Garden Symposium at Pocantico


The Garden Symposium will examine the preservation of two extraordinary open spaces: Rockefeller State Park Preserve and Greenacre Park. Peter Iskenderian, park manager at the Preserve, and Kim Fendrich, environmental educator and event coordinator, will discuss the immersive work of maintaining and protecting the Preserve’s historic carriage road system, battling the invasive species that threaten forests, creating inclusive and accessible public programming, and the dedication needed to protect this special place for generations to come. Gail Caulkins, president of Greenacre Foundation, and Lois Crimmins, executive director, will discuss Midtown Manhattan’s Greenacre Park and their work on the Fight for Light campaign, which advocates citywide to mandate sunlight preservation in urban development. Coffee and pastries will be served upon arrival, and a boxed lunch will be provided following the first presentation. Weather permitting, an optional garden walk will conclude the Symposium. Proof of vaccination required. Tickets available online

Photo courtesy of Laurence Gill.

Rockefeller State Park Preserve
  • 125 Phelps Way
  • Pleasantville, NY 10570