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Great Valley Bicentennial Vintage Aircraft Fly-In

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  • Private plane owners and all visitors are welcome to fly in, view the antique car show, view Veterans Displays, and take part in remembering the Good Ol' Days of Great Valley, NY. Vintage Aircrafts will be on hand to provide visitors and enthusiasts an opportunity to witness the evolution of aviation and a glimpse of early transportation our forebearers would have been familiar with. It is expected that aircrafts from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s will be represented, along with more modern types. The event is offering incentives for early arrival of Vintage Planes on Friday night (June 29th) including a Sock Hop at Katy’s Fly-In Restaurant, which is right across the street from the Airport.The Bicentennial committee has also secured funds to help offset the cost of fuel for aircrafts traveling great distances. Awards will be presented on Saturday, in several categories, including: People's Choice, Greatest Distance flown to the event, and oldest aircraft. Overnight accommodations and attractions in the area can be found at Great Valley Airport (N56) is located 43.4 nm South of the Buffalo VOR (BUF), 21.1 nm East of Jamestown VOR (JHW), and 25.2 nm North of Bradford VOR (BFD). The airport boasts a beautifully maintained 3,800’ x 90’ grass runway (24/6), with an elevation of 1,450’ MSL. Communication frequency is 122.9. 

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