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History Con at the Confluence


The History Con on the Confluence is focused on using history to build a community event that looks at the past beyond a colonizer perspective. There are history conferences, but they are more geared towards professors and their research papers. Roberson will be creating a history event that encourages amateur historians, but also engages in educating the broader public in how to look at history with a more discerning eye.

Roberson is calling all history enthusiasts for a Saturday FILLED with special guest speakers and opportunities to dive into the past. If you love talking, reading, and researching history, this day is all about your passion.

Roberson invites attendees to explore history beyond a colonizer perspective and to investigate often unheard voices from the historical narrative. It’s sure to be a wonderful day filled with exploration and inquiry. Register Online.

Roberson Museum and Science Center
  • 30 Front St.
  • Binghamton, NY 13905