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Hulda’s Night


Our biggest event of the year, Hulda’s Night is an adventure into the history and legends of the Preserve through live performance. Embark on a hike through the dark woods with lanterns guiding your path; a chill is in the air. You’ll stop to join a traveler, The Storyteller, who recounts legends by fireside. As your journey continues along Old Gory Brook Road, you’ll meet Domine Johannes Ritzema, Pastor of the Old Dutch Church during the Revolutionary War, who speaks of the struggles of holding a congregation together during a time of war... and of course, his concern over the witch living nearby, threatening his flock. As the moon rises, you’ll continue down the Witch’s Spring Trail, where you encounter the “witch” herself. Hulda, lonely and gravely misunderstood, awaits to tell you her side of the story. Photo credit: Margaret Fox. For more information, visit: friendsrock.org/huldas-night To purchase tickets, visit: RockefellerStateParkPreserve.org/events

Rockefeller State Park Preserve
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