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Our biggest event of the year, Hulda’s Night is an adventure into the history and legends of the Preserve through live performance. You walk through the night, your path lit only by lanterns. The dark woods surround you as does the chill in the night air. Your group joins a traveler around his fire and listens to local legends (The Storyteller). But your journey has only begun, and you must not tarry. Up Old Gory Brook Road, Domine Johannes Ritzema, Pastor of the Old Dutch Church during the Revolutionary War, waits to tell you the struggles of holding a congregation together during the time of war and of the witch living nearby threatening his flock (Pastor Ritzema’s Story). As you trek down to the Witch's Spring trail, in the distance the magical fairy lights tell you that you are nearing Hulda's Hut and the "witch" awaits you! Here you sit in hand-carved seats made from the very trees that surround you, on the site where Hulda's home may have stood nearly 250 years ago, and hear her tell her story (Hulda’s Story). The coyotes howl and remind you that you are not alone in these woods as you start back (The Journey Home). There is a war raging on all sides of you and highway robbery is the order of the day. So you must take care, keep quiet, and choose your words carefully with any you might meet along the way. For more information, visit: friendsrock.org/huldas-night To purchase tickets, visit: RockefellerStateParkPreserve.org/events

Rockefeller State Park Preserve
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