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Hunter Mountain 4x4 Offroad Adventure

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  • Our 2017 Summer/Fall season will be filled with more Off-Road Adventures than ever before! We've teamed up with our good friends at Northeast Offroad Adventures in Ellenville, NY to provide the best possible experience for our offroaders along with an expert and I4WDTA certified crew to assist you along the trails! Open to registered, inspected and insured four wheel drive sport utility vehicles. Hunter Mountain's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure is a one or two day excursion offering the perfect mix of adventure and luxury. We'll start with a basic off road "warm up", followed by an off-road excursion on our remote west side logging trails complete with a stream crossing, mud pass, rock crawl and log crawl. The highlight of the event is the exciting hill climb to our scenic 3200'. All features and obstacles are exciting enough to challenge and thrill beginner to intermediate levels of off road enthusiasts.

Hunter Mountain Expedetions
  • 64 Klein Avenue
  • Hunter, NY 12442