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IditaFAT Bike Race

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  • The IditaFAT truly distinguishes itself from other races, as Winona’s experienced crew of volunteer groomers — many of whom are fat bikers themselves — maintain the trails multiple times a week, using a diverse arsenal of equipment such as an actual fat bike groomer. Winona Forest Recreation Association is the only organization in the area that has a fat bike groomer. This is truly a Fat bike event and tires less than 3.5” will not be allowed! The IditaFAT offers distances of 12k or 25k “ish” or 50-60k “ish” making it one of the longest races in the country with a Le Mans start. The 25k and 50-60k courses are designed for the more experienced cyclists while the 12k course is designed with everyone in mind. The course will be on ski trail widths of 6 to 10 feet and we are working hard to add single tracks into the course this year. Under the best conditions the hills are ride-able but as with any event conditions are subject to change. For all three races, the top three male and females will be recognized and awarded on our homemade podium which has become an IditaFAT tradition. The top male and female finisher for the 50k gets their numbers decorated the following year. All proceeds from the IditaFAT will be donated to the Winona Forest Recreation Association to help maintain the grooming machinery as well as management of the trails. Special recognition will be given to the male and female athlete with the fastest combined times in both the 50k IdtaFAT and solo SnoFatShu. They will be crowned the King and Queen of “The Festival of Flakes” Weekend. For addiational information please visit: Winona Forest website: To register please visit:

Winona State Forest Recreation Area
  • 37 Center Rd
  • Lacona, NY 13083