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InterHarmony Concert Series: All That Jazz

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  • When somebody is looking for a jazzy evening, going to the “All That Jazz” final concert of InterHarmony Concert Series at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on April 28 at 8PM sounds like a very logical solution. This time InterHarmony® International Music Festival’s Director, cellist Misha Quint invites his virtuoso friends from around the world to bring the New York audience a bouquet of diverse styles of music, which, like a range of exotic flowers, will deliver a special taste of its rare, seductive aroma. 

    With “All That Jazz”, InterHarmony offers a program that embraces all musical genres and connects them with the theme of jazz: from the technically demanding and elegant Baroque gem, Cello Sonata by Valentini, to the extravagant, unusual flute and cello duo, The Jet Whistle, by Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos; from lyrical piano solos by Chopin, leaping to a rhythmically charged piece by leading American composer Libby Larsen based on the African Dance, Juba; and finally the jazz Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano of the famous Russian composer, Nikolai Kapustin.

    The opening of the Kapustin Trio immediately lets the listener know that they should expect absolutely anything, blasting with all possible virtuosic, almost classic jazz. Transitioning to a second slow movement, time stands still with deep emotion, showing the best singing qualities of each instrument, slowly spiraling to a finale, when the sudden realization comes that everything has still not been said. The third movement bursts into a spectacular dance of fiery passages, harmonies and chords, making the performers prove that the impossible is possible.

    The performers are Misha Quint (cello), NoraLee Garcia (flute), Theresa Bogard (piano), and Antonio Di Cristofano (piano), and their incredible achievements will add an additional exciting dimension to this evening. More information is at

Carnegie Hall
  • 881 Seventh Ave
  • Manhattan, NY 10019