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La Manga


Come and be part of the celebration of life and culture with La Manga. a Brooklyn-based collective of artists (Daniela Serna, Andrea Chavarro, Katherine Ocampo, and Lina Fernanda Silva) led by Daniela Serna, a songwriter, educator, and investigator who has traveled over the past 18 years to small villages and festivals to learn from the elders in the communities of Puerto Escondido, Necoclí, San Juan de Urabá, Montería, and Barranquilla. Honor the legacy of Afro-Colombian women songwriters in the cultural manifestations of cumbia, bullerengue, and tambora and join us on a journey across Colombia's Caribbean Coast, guided by the powerful sounds of gaitas and tambores. This is an interactive experience for the whole family, where you can dance and learn about these oral traditions. Storytelling, joy, and resistance blend into this unique cultural experience. 

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  • 70 Lincoln Center Plaza
  • Manhattan, NY 10023