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LUMA - America's Premier Projection Arts Festival


LUMA - America's Premier Projection Arts Festival returns to Downtown Binghamton, where buildings will be transformed into creative masterpieces with the use of powerful projectors and 3D animation in a stunning visual arts display. LUMA was founded in 2015 by a street photographer, a film editor and an event planner. They expected a crowd of 3,000. And 30,000 came. Today, from artists to engineers to city workers and designers, LUMA represents the work of hundreds. Support comes from City of Binghamton, Broome County and the State of New York. We believe when we give artists the freedom to play, the results are incomparable. We believe that art is the foundation of livability and livability is the core of economic development. And we believe in bringing our partners serious value by creating an experience unlike any other. The first few years of LUMA have seen symphonies, cartoonists, artificial intelligence and live motion actors. We can’t wait to show you what’s next. Most of LUMA is free, but tickets are required to attend the 2022 special feature, Playmodes’ Horizon, an immersive installation in a unique underground setting.

Broome County Arts Council
  • 95 Court Street
  • Binghamton, NY 13901